Biot Yellow Sally

Biot Paraloop Yellow Sally Stonefly

Tying Dave Gamet's Biot Paraloop Yellow Sally Biot Yellow Sally For materials visit our Webstore: Dave Gamet of Dakota Angler & Outfitter ties his Biot Paraloop Yellow Sally. This yellow sally stonefly pattern combines a CDC wing and a Paraloop style hackle to create a high floating effective fly. Dave ties this pattern in sizes 14-18. Yellow Sally Stoneflies hatch across the West in mid-summer. Here in the Black Hills, the sally's tend to hatch in mid to late June and into the first part of July.

Biot Yellow Sally Materials:

Hook: Daiichi 1110 Size 14-18 Thread: UTC 70 Denier Yellow Olive Egg Sack: Orange UV Ice Dubbing Abdomen: Turkey Biot Dyed PMD Wing: Turkey Biots Dyed PMD over Pale Yellow CDC Hackle: Pale Yellow or Pale Yellow Grizzly Hackle Abdomen: Spirit River Fine and Dry Dubbing PMD
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