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Black Hills Fishing Report September 3rd 2014

trout fishing black hills fishing flyfishing Trout fishing in the Black Hills late summer 2014.

Black Hills Fishing Report - September 3rd 2014

Rapid Creek - Flows are up below Pactola Reservoir as the lake is drawn down in preparation for the replacement of Canyon Lake dam. Fishing is back to high water conditions. Good success with heavy tungsten jig nymphs, san juan worms, and streamers. Hoppers can be effective when fished on the edges up against the bank. Above Pactola is fishing well. Nymph fishing is best in the Silver City area. Check out the stretch downstream of Rochford (upstream towards Black Fox Campground is worth a look too). These upper stretches offer great fishing that is often overlooked. Castle Creek - Hopper dropper rigs are working above and below Deerfield Reservoir. Ditch Creek is also fishing well above the reservoir. Below the dam is probably the best bet. Good brook trout fishing below the dam. Spearfish Creek - Hatches of late summer BWOs are excellent on cloudy days, but are good enough on sunny days to get fish looking up. Fish dry dropper rigs in the pocket water, or czech nymph or tenkara fish with nymphs for the best luck. Use a heavy fly to get down, tag on a small dropper to pick up the bulk of your fish. Ponds in the canyon are fishing well. Callibaetis hatches on Yates Ponds have produced some nice fish. Sand Creek - Hatches of Caddis, Pale Morning Duns, and Baetis are bringing fish to the surface. Hoppers and other terrestrials are productive as well. Dry Dropper rigs are a great option. Fishing is very good on Sand Creek right now. Box Elder Creek - Fishing is best on the upper stretches. Above Nemo towards the box elder forks campground and the north fork along nemo road have fished well this past week. Dry dropper rigs are a great way to fish this small water. Spring Creek - Spring could come back into shape with the cooler night time temps. Best fish it early. Also make sure to fish up from the trailhead to the dam. Focus on the bigger deeper runs and pools.
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