Bonefish Bitters Fly Tying

Bonefish Bitters Fly

Tying the Bonefish Bitters

The Bonefish Bitters has become a standard in and a must have pattern for just about any bonefishing destination. Originated by Craig Mathews of Blue Ribbon flies, the Bonefish Bitters, can be tied in sizes 10-6. The color of the head (the epoxyed bead chain eyes) is typically tinted. Use a tan or brown tinted fly over sand, rubble, or mud bottom. Olive is a good color for fishing over grass. Orange or Pink are great colors for attracting strikes. In this version I use clear UV Resin (Clear Cure Goo or Loon UV Fly Finish) as a substitute for 5 minute epoxy. I have had good luck tinting the head with marking pens after it has been cured with the UV lamp. The Bonefish Bitters is also great when used for Carp. It can be tied slighly larger when used for carp, where it imitates juvenille crayfish and dragonfly nymphs. For carp I like this fly in Rusty Orange, Tan, and Olive tied on a size 4 or 6. Materials for this pattern are available at: Bonefish Bitters Materials
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