Fly Tying With David Gamet - Jawbreaker Midge

Fly Tying With David Gamet - Jawbreaker Midge In this video Dave Gamet ties his Jawbreaker Midge. This is a fantastic pattern twelve months a year, but it seems especially effective in the winter. We're not really sure why, but various shades of pink and purple seem to work exceptionally well in the winter months. Tie this pattern up in sizes 16-22. Fish as a dropper pattern behind a larger tungsten fly for best results! Buy Materials Here - Jawbreaker Midge Fly Tying Materials List Materials List Hook - Daiichi 1120 or Tiemco 2457 Bead - Hareline Plummeting Tungsten Bead Jawbreaker Pink Thread - Ultra Thread 70 Denier Pink & Purple Wire - Ultra Wire Silver
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