Party Crasher Jig Nymph

Fly Tying with Hans- Party Crasher Jig Nymph

Tying the Party Crasher Jig Nymph

Learn to tie a flashy jig style nymph that triggers strikes like nobody's business. Consider the trout party crashed. Ok that sounds a bit corny, but this is an excellent nymph that is catching a bunch of fish lately. Great for Czech or European nymphing styles.

Party Crasher Jig Nymph Materials

  • Hook- Syndicate 400bk or Dakota Angler Jig Hook
  • Bead- Slotted Tungsten Bead black nickel or nickel
  • Thread- 70 Denier Ultra Thread Black or Dark Brown
  • Tail- Coq de Leon Fibers
  • Rib- Copper Wire
  • Abdomen- Hareline Midge Diamond Braid Dark Brown or Olive, Tan, Cream, Black - color to match natural
  • Thorax- Black SLF Squirrel Dubbing
  • Hot Spot- SLF Prism Dubbing Red or Pink
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