Fly Tying with Ryan - Clouser Minnow

Fly Tying with Ryan - Clouser Minnow The Clouser Minnow is easily one of the most popular warmwater fly patterns ever tied, and for good reason - it catches fish in just about every situation! This variation on the original replaces the Krystal Flash with a new Hareline material called Ripple Ice Fiber, and it gives the overall fly some more depth and a little different look. This is one of our favorite patterns for fishing White Bass in the spring on the Missouri River near Pierre, SD. It's a killer for just about every warmwater species that swims actually - walleyes are particularly fond of it, as well as Smallmouth Bass. Mix up the colors as needed, but the conventional chartreuse and white seems to work as well as anything. Tie a few up - you don't want to be without a few Clousers when chasing warmwater fish on the fly! Buy Materials Here - Clouser Minnow Fly Tying Materials Collection Materials List Hook - Gamakatsu B10S Thread - 210 Denier Ultra Thread Eyes - Hareline Double Pupil Lead Eyes Tail - White Bucktail Flash - Hareline Ripple Ice Fiber Wing - Chartreuse Bucktail Finish - Loctite Brushable Super Glue
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