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Steelhead Fishing

steelhead wild idaho First wild steelhead on the fly.
Saying that steelheading is addictive has become a bit cliché. The tug is the drug and all that business. However… I can say that I'm officially an addict. It's now cold, the middle of November, and despite that I'm going back to Idaho to chase steelhead one more time this year. Since middle of summer I've been tying steelhead flies and almost nothing else. I continue to make piles of flies with purple and pink's and blacks and chartreuses. Classic flies. Miniature intruder flies. Muddlers. Wakers. Skaters. You name it, I've tied too many of them. But tying flies builds anticipation and keeps you fueled up for that next day on the water. The mystique of steelhead fishing, learning about two-handed rods, lines and how to swing flies is a heady combination. Once introduced to this new realm of fly fishing, it's been hard to think of much else. Sure, after another couple of months of winter I'll be ready to revisit the flats of the Bahamas to chase bonefish. For the time being it's steelhead steelhead steelhead. Don't get me wrong I still love chasing trout in the beautiful black hills, but part of fly fishing is looking for that next adventure, that next new thing, a new style of fishing, and this is the one I've settled on for now. I don't think I'll get over it very soon but I'll enjoy it while it lasts. I hope It lasts a long time. Here's a few photos of flies pictures from the trip past and hopefully we'll have some pictures of the trip future to share soon. Tight lines- Hans
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